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Issue number 85 Winter 2023.


Issue number 85 – Winter 2023.

On the front cover:

Trevor Lake scores for Wigan at Wembley in 1965.

Features include:

Remembering David Watkins, of Salford, Wales and Great Britain.

Tribute to Mike Mayer, the man with the American dream.

Gordon Cottier – one of the major figures in Whitehaven’s history.

Len Haley – the former captain of Bradford Northern.

Bravo Bramley – when the Villagers were presented with gold medals.

Some of the great players in the history of Featherstone Rovers.

How Leigh and Warrington had to keep Alex Murphy deal a secret.

Can grand old clubs (like Oldham and Swinton) get back up again?

John Holmes set the standard for Leeds.

Rugby League’s early years of television coverage – by Robert Gate.

Memories of Central Park – classic photos of Wigan’s bygone years.

Peter Fox – ‘Us and Them’ - affectionate memories of the Players’ Coach.

Doncaster’s winning debut and a 10,000 crowd – golden memories of the Dons.

From James Roby to Albert Goldthorpe – connecting greats over a century apart.

A Cumbrian odyssey with St.Helens in the ’sixties.

Warrington’s double-winning ‘A’ team of 1963-64.

Cumberland – another County Championship winning side in the mid-’sixties.

Hunslet Schools in 1964 and how Schools Rugby League was so important.

Ashes lost on a day trip to Birmingham – a flashback to 1912 Test at Villa Park.

An icon of England - Bobby Charlton’s links with Rugby League.

Huddersfield’s quiet run to becoming Champions in 1962.

Castleford and Wakefield playing the Australian and New Zealand touring teams.

Roy Francis memorial monument unveiled in South Wales.

Mick Naughton the pioneer for British referees in Australia.

Swinton’s quality – stand-off George Parkinson.

Hull F.C. in a Championship winning season.

John Butler – unsung hero as a British Lions tourist in 1974.

Frank Davies – goal-kicking prop-forward for Huddersfield.

Keith Knight – always loyal to Barrow.

Brian McTigue at Wembley in 1959, and as a young boxer.

Michael Parkinson – proud Yorkshireman and Rugby League fan.

Graham Paul and Flash Flanagan – memories of Hull K.R. favourites.

Team photos: Featherstone Rovers (1959), Hull F.C. (1955-56), Oldham (1956), Leeds (1966), Huddersfield (1948-49), Cumberland (1965), Warrington ‘A’ team (1963-64).

Obituaries and tributes to: David Watkins, Eric Prescott, Gordon Cottier, Henry Delooze, Len Haley, Harry Plunkett, Ken Holgate, Brian Marsden and Australian internationals John McDonald, Lionel Morgan and Bobby Bugden.


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