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Roger Millward leads out Great Britain on the front cover.

Frank Myler wins Lion of the year award.
Saints versus Swinton Lancashire Cup trilogy.
Frank Foster as leader of the Oldham pack.
Bobby Greenhough  revisits Warrington.
Wakefield Trinity the Yorkshire Cup winners of 1956 .
Ray Ashby – from Liverpool City to Lance Todd trophy.
How Alex Murphy drew the big crowds to Knowsley Road.   
Barrow – are they going to go up?
The skills of players like Ken Loxton, Jim Mills and Billy Boston.
Station Road – the great ground of Swinton remembered.
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first Lions tour.
Survival in Sheffield – how the Eagles took flight.
Huddersfield’s European Cup victory in Barcelona in 1993.
Whitehaven’s record crowd versus Wakefield 50 years ago .
Woolston Rovers – doing the amateurs proud in Warrington.
Tommy Sale – the great man of Leigh.
Bill Holliday takes on Marcel Bescos for G.B. in France.
Obituaries and tributes to: Geoffrey Moorhouse, Tom Smith, Denzil Webster, Tommy Keen, Jean Audoubert, George Clinton, Andre Carrere and George Parsons.
Team photos  include: Leigh, Cardiff Blue Dragons, Liverpool City, Barrow, Halifax, Dewsbury, Leeds, Swinton, Wigan, York, Hull, Whitehaven – and  much, much more.


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