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On the front cover: Roger Millward and David Watkins, as captains of England and Wales.

Features include:
Five new players in the York ‘hall of fame’.
Swinton calling – with George Parkinson and coach Cliff Evans.
If Brian Bevan were around today – how would he fit in?
Mike Nicholas – Warrington’s favourite Welshman.
St.Helens the Championship winners in 1971.
Featherstone Rovers tackling the Lancashire giants.
Odsal Stadium – Bradford Northern’s long walk down the steps.
The 1984 Lions tour remembered from the inside.
Hunslet at Parkside and the programmes of the ’sixties.
Oldham’s mighty battle with the 1959 Kangaroos.
Scouse memories - dreams of stardom with Liverpool City.
Tom Van Vollenhoven’s debut for Saints.
The great career of Huddersfield’s Ray Haywood.
Castleford and Leigh – great Rugby League towns.
Former French international Laurent Roldos and coach Felix Bergese..
Celebrating the great players of Wakefield Trinity.
Salford’s wartime impact on the success of Dewsbury.
Doncaster at Tatters Field and other favourite old grounds.
A mighty Hull K.R. pack from the ’sixties.
Whitehaven’s finest built on local strength.
Lancashire v Cumberland with Jackie Edwards and Eddie Brenan.
Obituaries and tributes to: Jim Fiddler, John Henderson, Alan Preece, Jack Hayes, Gerry Collingwood, Bob Little, Eric Lockwood, Horace Grainger, Cliff Williams, Roland Barrow, Les Jones, Jack Gibson, Keith Burhouse.
Team pictures include: Hull K.R. (1980-81), Hunslet (1962), Workington Town (1979-80), Wakefield Trinity (1975-76), Whitehaven (1957), Oldham (1959-60), Blackpool Borough (1966), Wigan (1958), Dewsbury (1942), Doncaster (1970s). PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE



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