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Issue number 78 – Spring 2022

On the front cover:

Des Drummond – a special tribute issue.

Features include:

Remembering Des Drummond a real British superstar –

special tribute to Des in words and pictures.

Chris Hesketh – his early years and the making of a Great Britain captain.

Halifax’s record crowd – Robert Gate was among 29,153 at Thrum Hall.

Jimmy Thompson – Ron Bailey on the ‘tackler’ who starred for club and country.

Saints’ beer-mat memories – a unique look back by St.Helens star players.

Loughborough Colleges links with Rugby League – teachers who made an impact.

Eric Day – a remarkable story from Salford & Bradford to Canadian Football.

Blackpool Borough players get their heritage numbers.

Billy O’Neill – Hunslet flyer and Batley school headmaster.

The 1962 Lions tour – John Rigg marks a very special 60th anniversary.

Local lads of Leigh – the brilliant Colts team of 1958.

John Moore – Hull K.R. favourite a Robin for 25 years.

Loyal Leeds supporters withy Steve Pitchford and Phil Cookson.

Tom Smith – served home town Widnes loyally both on and off the field.

Graham Starkey – teacher and coach who made a huge contribution to R.L.

The ‘Yorkshire Sports’ – Michael O’Hare farewells a Saturday night institution.

Rochdale Hornets – a new history is published.

Barrow’s successful ‘A’ team of the 1950s – what happened to the players.

Serbia’s long history in Rugby League – memories from the former Yugoslavia.

The Toulouse story – with one of their legends Vincent Cantoni.

More memories of the Southern Amateur League.

Brian Shaw – why he left Leeds.

Pierre Escourrou – a great of Carcassonne.

Plus many more articles & pictures remembering the old game of Rugby League.

Team photos including: Blackpool Borough (1962), Salford (1947), Wigan (1963), Keighley (1962), Warrington (1958-59).

Obituaries and tributes to: Des Drummond, Johnny Raper, Olsen Filipaina, Geoff Sims, Dennis Ward, Mike Ratu, Jim Neale, Stephen Holgate, Tony Colloby, Mick McFarlane, Johnny Gleeson, Jack Lendill, Christian Laskawiec, Bill Foden, Fred Whitfield, Geoff Crewdson, Brian Cooper, Jimmy Whitwell, Bill Noonan, Keith Slatter, Albert Tonkinson, and many more.



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